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Are you getting the most out of your tracking? A further five points to consider...

Friends, Media Buyers, Agencies lend me your experience...

Contrary to what some tracking agencies might tell you we don’t know everything, in fact we don’t know much at all. Our job is to be experts in our business and work with you to become experts in yours. To do that we need all the friends we can get so the more information and knowledge we get, the better the advice we can offer.

There’s gold in them there cross tabs...
Alright - tracking data isn’t big data but it is medium size data – big enough to cross tab and home in on the interesting stuff. So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Develop some hypotheses and see whether the data backs them up.

Workshops – everyone loves a workshop
They do – and what better way to tap into all the knowledge, insights and brain power to do the best for your brand. Tracking won’t tell you the answers to the big questions but it will help you shape the hypotheses that you can grapple with in a good working session. Add in an outstanding moderator, a spacious airy room and healthy snacks and voilà.

Take aim – don’t fire
Ah target-setting - everyone loves a target. And what chance of hitting the moon if you don’t shoot for the stars? But watch out for pitfall setting targets and plan carefully what success might look like, what is realistically achievable (based on recent history and the investment going into the brand) and work out the difference between the must haves and the nice-to-haves. Get it right and targets can be a motivating and rallying call to action. Get it wrong and you can lock the team into a cycle of despair and frustration and we don’t want that.

Like a good wine, tracking gets better with age
One of the advantages of good tracking surveys is that you build up more and more robust data over time. Whilst there is always a focus on now, the latest most up-to-date results – sometimes one needs to stand back and think about the bigger picture. And good tracking is a deep pool of knowledge that can be tapped to help shape that big picture. Remember that next time the business is looking for answers to difficult questions.