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Food for Thought – Is September the New January?

The start of a school year can be a trigger for healthier eating in adults

We’ve noticed that Back to School is increasingly becoming a time for adults to make New Year style resolutions with regard to their eating habits, either determining to continue with healthier choices established over the summer months or deciding that they weren’t beach body ready after all. And as food manufacturers...

It's not just gardening...

We are now in our fourth year of supporting Thrive - a brilliant charity using gardening as therapy for a range of physical and mental disorders.

Each year the team heads en masse to Battersea Park and attempts to be helpful with some heavy lifting, advanced weeding, geranium sorting and general shovelling. That’s where we were last Friday.

There was extensive philosophical discussion of what...

Key Take-Outs from our Brand Authenticity Research

Here are some of the key take-outs from a fascinating qual/quant study we recently conducted to explore just how important authenticity is in evaluating brands and creating loyalty amongst millennials. 

If you would like to hear more on this topic please get in touch at

Nursery Breakfast Presentation - Brand Authenticity

How Important is Brand Authenticity for Millennials?

Come along to our next Nursery Breakfast to see the findings from a fascinating qual/quant study we recently.

We explored just how important authenticity is in evaluating brands and creating loyalty amongst millennials. We particularly selected a wide range of different product categories to give us a broader understanding of how authenticity...

Humour: it's a serious business

Come along to one of our Nursery Breakfasts in London or Leeds to see the findings from a fascinating qual/quant study we recently conducted into different types of humour. Humour can be a powerful communications tool for brands, but there’s been very little research into the power of laughter and how it impacts an audience.

We’ve created a humour segmentation which identifies nine different...

Challenging Perceptions of Life in Uniform - Creative Development for The Army's 'This is Belonging' Recruitment Campaign

We’re really proud of the work we’ve done over the years for recruitment for the Armed Forces. And we’re delighted to have been shortlisted for the MRS Jeremy Bullmore Award for Creative Development. 

Our joint submission with Karmarama is for work on The Army’s ‘This is Belonging’ Recruitment Campaign. Developed against a backdrop of challenging Army recruitment targets and low...

You're feeling very sleepy....

It’s time to get down to the real basics now.  Sleep is the current big thing we’re being sold.  It was my prediction at the Nursery predictions for 2018.  I’ve seen it mentioned in loads of articles in Jan and Feb, so thought I’d talk about it and remind everyone where they heard it first.

It’s relevant to everyone and with tech keeping us always on we’re heading for a sleep...

The Nursery acquires market research consultancy Arkenford


Market Research consultancy, Arkenford has been acquired by award winning London based brand research agency, The Nursery Research and Planning, for an undisclosed amount.

The combination of Arkenford’s innovative quantitative research methods and analytical skills together with The Nursery’s inspiring and constructive brand research will make this a powerhouse of...

The Nursery at the heart of effective campaigns

It's Effectiveness Week (and Vegan week for Bake Off fans). Agencies and clients have been immersed in seminars, festivals, dinners, webinars, conferences chasing the holy grail of finding the secret to making effective ad campaigns.

Perhaps it isn’t such a secret

Because every week is effectiveness week at The Nursery – and whether we are sowing the seeds of new campaigns in creative...

Introducing Tracking Plus

Helping brands grow | helping businesses grow

Life for brand marketers is getting tougher; it’s never been more important to find the edge that makes communications spend go further. That’s why The Nursery has reinvented tracking for embattled marketers. We call it Tracking Plus, because conventional tracking isn’t always enough.

Nursery Tracking Plus explains not only how your marketing is...


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