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Christmas comes early

We were talking in the office about how Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year – that old (roast) chestnut. No sooner have the “Back to School” posters come down at the supermarkets than the aisles are re-jigged and reconfigured to accommodate a wider range of Christmas essentials – from tins of Celebrations to jars of Pickled Walnuts and dog Christmas stockings to fairy lights. It used to be that Christmas merchandise didn’t really appear in the shops until after Halloween, but that’s certainly not the case now.

And the knock-on effect of this can be that clients may become less ambitious as to what can and can’t be achieved between the middle of October and a drop-dead date for informed Christmas decision-making. As far as we’re concerned here at the Nursery, we are responsive and efficient enough to be able to turn around projects from briefing to insight in very short order, without cutting corners, so that our clients can make informed Christmas trading decisions based on quality research.

So don’t let the arrival of the Christmas dinner sandwich in Pret or the emails urging you to book your Christmas party lead you astray. It’s still only October, the clocks haven’t even gone back yet, and plenty can be achieved before Christmas with time to spare.

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