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Humour: it's a serious business

Come along to one of our Nursery Breakfasts in London or Leeds to see the findings from a fascinating qual/quant study we recently conducted into different types of humour. Humour can be a powerful communications tool for brands, but there’s been very little research into the power of laughter and how it impacts an audience.

We’ve created a humour segmentation which identifies nine different types of humour in the UK and establishes the predominant segment. It’s the result of research that included an online survey, consumer workshops, vox pops and interviews with experts in the comedy business.

The presentation includes:

  • A description of the nine humour segments including their demographic profile
  • The impact of humour on brands and communications
  • Some great examples of which brands are using humour well (and others that aren’t)
  • The reasons behind the UK public’s love affair with Mrs Brown’s Boys

We can promise you an interesting and entertaining 45 minutes.

8.30 am Thursday 12th October at our offices in London
8.30 am Wednesday 18th October 
at the Malmaison Hotel in Leeds

We’ll be supplying bacon butties and breakfast pastries from 8.15 am onwards.

Places are limited, so if you’d like to come along, you can book your place by clicking:
here for London
here for Leeds

Or alternatively contact