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You're feeling very sleepy....

It’s time to get down to the real basics now.  Sleep is the current big thing we’re being sold.  It was my prediction at the Nursery predictions for 2018.  I’ve seen it mentioned in loads of articles in Jan and Feb, so thought I’d talk about it and remind everyone where they heard it first.

It’s relevant to everyone and with tech keeping us always on we’re heading for a sleep crisis and revolution.  Like Hygge except there’s no need to lose a whole day to Edmonton Ikea.

Benson’s beds has a sleep school.  Liberty has a sleep school.  Lenor has a dreams fabric conditioner. Everyone is in on it.  Nytol, bed companies, this is YOUR moment!!  I think this might be my moment too. The year of the cat(nap)

I think very soon we’ll see the Sleep4Change campaign, encouraging the nation to have 7 a day, and our entertainment will revolve around less doing and more relaxing.  What’s not to love about this new trend, the permission to sleep more and redefine what being ‘GREAT in bed’ means, instead of feeling lazy and guilty?  Finally sleep is not only for the weak or for when you’re dead.  It’s permission to rest with the ultimate goal of doing more in less time without losing your marbles or dying in the process.

We all love an experience and things do help with making experiences better…so we’ll be shopping and upgrading to more and better sleep ‘experiences’.  For the workaholic/efficient sleeper there’s a nodcast and a scarf to sleep upright on public transport, for the premium sleeper there’s a satin eye mask and votary pillow scent, for the hippy sleeper there’s the meditation app and the device that measures circadian rhythms, for the tech lover, Philips does some smart bulbs that will send you off to sleep with when you’re supposed to and help you to wake cheerily when you have to.  I see dead-on-their-feet people in premium snooze rail cabins travelling from London to Manchester. 

Sleeping in is the new going out. What are you doing this weekend? I’m heading home for a sleep.  I moderated some groups the other day and I can see it is a thing:  “I’ll have those biscuits when I’m having a sofa day”. “What’s a sofa day for you?”, I ask. “You know, an epic all day lie-in with my white noise machine, after the roast there are lots of biscuits, the chunky ones with thick chocolate”.   Next year we’ll swing back into action!