Izzy Fox wins Acorn Award

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Spring/Summer 2022 Acorn Award: Marketing & Operations Executive Isobel Fox.

Izzy was nominated by Sophie Marder and Zara Marouf for her dedication to going above and beyond her role.

 Izzy has embodied the company ethos and is keen to enhance the community feel of The Nursery. She has been fully immersed in thought leadership projects. Not only working on the project from a Marketing & event management angle, as per her job role, but also getting immersed in the research process and analysis, all of which was new to her.

 The Acorn Awards are all about celebrating the ingenuity, success and hard work of The Nursery community. Introduced by Mathilde Flannery, our partner representative on The Nursery Board, they are designed to ensure we are always striving for better, with winners receiving dinner on us and a duvet day. Well done Isobel, a truly worthy winner.