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Which side are you on?

Debate rages at The Nursery as it does in the wider advertising community at the new directive issued by the ASA about gender stereotyping.

The team at The Nursery always give a point of view - in this case Lucy and David offer two different ones for the price of one. Which side of the fence are you on?

Lucy - It's 2017

So the ASA has stepped in to the hot topic of gender representation and decreed that advertising should not perpetuate gender stereotypes. Quite right too.

And significant that the ASA has...

International Soulmates

It’s hardly a surprise to say that when you travel around the world doing research, you see, hear and observe far more similarities than differences. Our core human nature trumps cultural quirks. So while twenty-somethings in Vietnam sit in bars sharing a bottle of spirits rather than the round of drinks they have in the UK, they’re all people watching, dancing and flirting like the rest of the world. Every country has a different educational system but we’ve seen parents in Saudi Arabia and Mexico ironing uniforms, packing bags and worrying about grades in the same way...

Are you getting the most out of your tracking? A further five points to consider...

Friends, Media Buyers, Agencies lend me your experience...

Contrary to what some tracking agencies might tell you we don’t know everything, in fact we don’t know much at all. Our job is to be experts in our business and work with you to become experts in yours. To do that we need all the friends we can get so the more information and knowledge we get, the better the advice we can offer.

There’s gold in them there cross tabs...
Alright - tracking data isn’t big...

It's not just gardening...

We are now in our fourth year of supporting Thrive - a brilliant charity using gardening as therapy for a range of physical and mental disorders.

Each year the team heads en masse to Battersea Park and attempts to be helpful with some heavy lifting, advanced weeding, geranium sorting and general shovelling. That’s where we were last Friday.

There was extensive philosophical discussion of what constituted a weed, followed up by gratuitous destruction of some carefully cultivated flora – but at least we were trying to help. Check out the gardens...

Authenticity and Humility: What brands can learn from the election...

Authenticity and humility

‘Authenticity’ and ‘humility’ – or the lack of – both loomed large as issues in the election. Both have also been cropping up consistently in research in recent times. ‘Authenticity’ is an issue many brand owners have been thinking around, and ‘humility’ is a growing concern of consumers who sense that brands may be overestimating their importance to the world. Much has been written and spoken about authenticity (not least by us), but humility is emerging as an issue brand owners need to be conscious of.

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How Important Are Target Audiences? Report on the Recent APG Event…

Noisy Thinkers

The APG recently hosted one of their Noisy Thinking events on target audiences and whether we need them anymore. Since target audiences are part of our day to day in the research world, this immediately piqued our interest.

The structure of Noisy Thinking is a bit different from your average talk or presentation. 5 speakers get a short slot in which to deliver their point of view. The audience then splits into groups to discuss what they’ve heard before feeding back to the room.  

Target Audiences

Lucy Jameson, former CEO of...

Are you Getting the Most out of your Tracking? 5 more things to consider...

Know thy enemy 

Too often competition is defined as other brands just like yours. Well you know what, the real competitive set is anything else our consumers might choose at that moment in time. You know the feeling – opening the fridge door and choosing between a bunch of grapes, a Babybel or a piece of chocolate cake. If that is what is rattling through consumers’ brains when making these decisions, perhaps research needs to reflect this better.

Experience is the best value media

We need to measure all the different advertising channels...

Are You Getting the Most Out of your Tracking Research? 5 Thought Starters...

Don’t let the tail wag the dog

Your tracking is there to help. You are paying big money for it – challenge your supplier to explain why they do things the way they do, don’t let them blind you with science and fancy indices and complicated metrics. If they can’t explain them maybe you’ve got the wrong tracking.

Don’t be afraid of change 

Tracking is a great way of generating lines across the page and these lines can earn people bonuses...

Key Take-Outs from our Brand Authenticity Research

Here are some of the key take-outs from a fascinating qual/quant study we recently conducted to explore just how important authenticity is in evaluating brands and creating loyalty amongst millennials. 

If you would like to hear more on this topic please get in touch at

Nursery Breakfast Presentation - Brand Authenticity

How Important is Brand Authenticity for Millennials?

Come along to our next Nursery Breakfast to see the findings from a fascinating qual/quant study we recently.

We explored just how important authenticity is in evaluating brands and creating loyalty amongst millennials. We particularly selected a wide range of different product categories to give us a broader understanding of how authenticity works against this audience.

One of the learnings was that brand authenticity can mean...

The Nursery View on the Year Ahead

It’s that time when everyone seems to get out their crystal ball and makes their predictions for the coming year. Here at The Nursery, we decided to throw our hats into the ring, so we crowd-sourced some ideas about we think might happen in 2017.  

Some predictions are perfectly possible, some quite bold and some just plain silly, but mildly amusing.

Just one caveat – as none of the predictions are based on insider knowledge and none of us are descendants of Nostradamus, we’d urge you not to make any life-changing decisions based upon them.

Great night at the MRS Awards on Monday!

We were thrilled to be shortlisted for best agency under £20 million.

We didn’t win this time but we are very proud to have made it this far and of all the team have achieved in the past year.

A great night was had by all!

Food for Thought – Is September the New January?

The start of a school year can be a trigger for healthier eating in adults

We’ve noticed that Back to School is increasingly becoming a time for adults to make New Year style resolutions with regard to their eating habits, either determining to continue with healthier choices established over the summer months or deciding that they weren’t beach body ready after all. And as food manufacturers continue to pile into healthy eating, there’s never been more choice.During a recent project prior to the launch of the new range of Planters Nuts...